Museum Of Arte Útil

This last week in the Museum of Arte Útil

This week will be the very last of the Museum of Arte ÚtiI. However, there is no reason to be sad as we will inspire and excite you with a diverse programme of workshops and events.

The prosperous Honest Shop will shut its doors together with the Museum of Arte Útil to make room for the exhibition of Hito Steyerl. But… the Honest Shop reopens in April from a new location. Producers and visitors – stay tuned!

On Thursday night we will screen the documentary The Tinaja Trail and the Transborder Immigrant Tool by Bryce Clayton Newell (2013), about a technological device that helps migrants from Mexico on the dangerous trail to the USA. From the documentary we learn about class and racial inequalities, and that the difference between humanitarian service and illegal activity is not always black and white.
The screening takes place in the Room of Controversies at 18.30.

On Friday night the Museum of Arte Útil will co-host the fourth edition of the Young Art Night. In the Use-it-Yourself space Milou Jilesen demonstrates how to make paints and dies of natural products. And when you get tired of dancing on eclectic music, you can relax during a massage in our Light Therapy Room.

We will start off the weekend with the creation of a collective artwork, led by painters Nicole Verhoeven en Nicole van Herpen. On Sunday afternoon you can take part into the second edition of the workshop ‘Use and Form-of-Life’, organised in collaboration with Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory. During this two-day workshop around the book The Highest Poverty by Giorgio Agamben, we search for alternative lifestyles. Please subscribe by emailing Suzanne Tiemersma.

For a complete overview of our activities, please check our calendar.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Museum of Arte Útil.