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Alix Bizet


The Netherlands


pedagogical, environment, social


The Eindhoven community but hopefully interested individual an designers outside the Netherlands.

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Alix Bizet




2013 - ongoing

Alix Bizet
The Making Make It Yours


The manmade and cultural aspect of Dutch landscape inspired this project. We have tamed nature as we do with our own bodies.
We treat our hair everyday to shape it as we desire, whilst at the same time disposing of dead hair which we consider waste.
As a conversation piece, I try to reflect on our human nature to define the useful or useless, and our industrial culture to create waste.
From the idea that to change our relationship with Nature we must look at ourselves first.
I then explored the idea of recycling dead hair with the traditional felt technique to produce homemade felt and objects.


Create awareness and curiosity about a free material which goes everyday to general waste. Go beyond the boundaries and taboo which can be associated with dead hair. Experimenting with an unusual material by using a traditional technique. Put the user and the consumer in the design and production process. Create an open source platform where people can react, comment but also upload suggestions or their own design.
Design for the invisible technology.

Beneficial Outcomes:

Recycling a free an open source material. Creating a cheap and easy processing material which could be used by the clothing industry. Plan a production which is responsible for sustainability and social good. Highlight the hyper local community such as the hairdresser and specialist shops. Improve the individual and community talents.