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The artists, citizens who use the sites.

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2007 - ongoing

Rifiuto Con Affetto


The project aims to solve and minimise the problem of useful objects being thrown away in order to reduce the trend to waste typical of our society. It consists of transparent dustbins partially based on traditional dustbins. In this way people can see the objects inside, and choose to leave or take something. These ‘waste disposal’ sites therefore take on a new meaning as a point of encounter and exchange. The project was announced to the community through a brochure sent by post. There are currently two versions of dustbin: ‘Yellow’, designed for outdoor use; and ‘Ethics’, designed for indoor use.


RCA wants to be an instrument for governments who are sensitive to environmental issues. Refuse With Love is a ‘good practice’ that could create a more sustainable society. It promotes recycling and reuse and makes people aware of escalating garbage accumulation and of the choices around its disposal. RCA wants to create a place where people meet and rethink the concepts of ‘refuse’, ‘useful’, and ‘useless’, creating new connections in communities between public and private spaces.

Beneficial Outcomes:

RCA has benefits in a practical, social and ecological way. In a practical way, people are happy to find a place where put useless things that they still love, otherwise these objects will be destroyed. People that ‘love back’ objects are satisfied because they take useful things away for free. In a social way, it promotes discussions and workshops about the importance of ecological attitudes. In an ecological way, RCA tries to reduce the quantity of waste heading to incineration or to the dump.