Museum Of Arte Útil

Podium / Discussion + The Umbrella / Arte Útil Archive

Last year, The Museum of Arte Útil was initiated by Tania Bruguera in collaboration with Queens Museum, Van Abbemuseum and realised by its users. The core of the exhibition was an ongoing archive which comprehends over two hundred case studies that imagine, create and implement beneficial outcomes by producing tactics that change how we act in society.

Now, on the 25th of October, during the afternoon of the last Saturday of Dutch Design Week,The Umbrella and Arte Útil will gather at the Studio of the Van Abbemuseum, and will reflect on their recent activities, furthermore discuss the future of The Umbrella Network and Arte Útil Archive, while exploring for the first time the cross section between the two initiatives.

We invite you to join this podium and open discussion between a spontaneous network of Eindhoven based socio­cultural design, and an ongoing archive that explores numerous Arte Útil case studies and we hope this afternoon at the Van Abbemuseum will inspire visitors and opens up new cooperative realities.

 25 Saturday, October 14:00 ­ 17:00

De Studio in Van Abbe Museum

Free entry