Museum Of Arte Útil

Arte Útil and Common Ground project

‘Common Ground – Platforms through Networks’ is a project developed by Christine van Meegen and  Lidia Vajda in collaboration with Design Academy Eindhoven and other institutions in the city.

There are three things that Common Ground aims to bring together: Spirit, space, material. And: people.
It is a tool to make use of abundant resources and unused space, working with food as central aspect, as a basic need that brings us all together.
Common Ground focuses on environmental concerns, promoting alternative structures in design. Making the environment the subject of work, Common Ground creates places where furniture, architecture, city and landscape are constantly in relation to one another, reflecting human needs, interacting and transforming over time.
Common Ground makes complex systems more accessible by improving networks through rituals and shared responsibility, and finding new ways of looking at the world around us.
This network of processes matters today. Local scale connected on a global level.
Time for cooperation.

The museum of Arte Útil decided to donate part of the wood used for the installation with the project.

To know more, visit the website here